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We care about security. A lot.

We want to make sure your everyday life runs smooth by delivering secure and bespoke IT infrastructure. We assist you with Cyber Security solutions and services so that you can focus on your business.

IT-Total is a privately held company founded 2011 in Stockholm. To date we are over 110 employees.
Our employees are security cleared and our offices are security rated as are our data centers. Our data centers are state of the art and everything is redundant: internet, electricity, cooling and infrastructure. They are monitored and supervised 24/7/365 and spread out over different geographical locations to ensure our customers the maximum availability and security.

We also care about the environment. A lot. That’s why our data centers are classified by ISO 14001 and our offices are certified LEED Platinum.

IT-Total delivers secure and custom IT infrastructure with great commitment and the highest quality. Whether it is a local, hybrid, cloud, or complete IT operations.

We assist you with Cyber Security solutions and services to protect your business-critical systems against both internal and external threats.
However, we do not only care about security.
We care about our customers, employees and partners. A lot. IT-Total was born out of the idea to be the best company for customers, partners and employees in our industry. Since the start we have represented something new by being innovative, customer-focused and future-oriented.

At IT-Total you'll meet the sharpest consultants in the industry within IT infrastructure and Cyber Security.

Contact us, we will be happy to help!

If you’re interested in finding out more about IT-Total and our secure offerings or please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We always aim to offer you the best possible services and solutions.

IT-Total in short:

  • We care about security. A lot.
  • We deliver secure and customized IT infrastructure. We also help you with cyber security solutions and services.
  • IT-Total is a private owned company and was founded 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • We are today approximately 110 employees.
  • Our personnel and office are security rated and our data centers are also environmentally classified.
  • All equipment is redundant, internet, electricity, cooling and infrastructure etc, to ensure maximum availability and security.

Magnus Gudéhn